Data Management

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Clinical Data Management

We find answers to research questions in data generated during the conduct of a clinical trial. The primary objective of the Clinical Data Management (CDM) process is to provide high-quality data with the lowest possible number of missing data fields or errors to gather maximum information for analysis. We involve our statistician immediately at the level of study design –  which has been exceptionally helpful to our clients’ focus, and to formulate a proper Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP).


Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Our team utilizes the latest technology in EDC and we know how to design a casebook. This a critical task that so many others delay and then rush to complete before study start.  We begin this planning immediately and we don’t take it lightly since even the smallest oversight can turn into an exponential disaster affecting critical project timelines and subsequently inflating data management budgets. We want a user-friendly system for the sites with robust capabilities for the Sponsor.


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Precision and integrity in Clinical Trial Management

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